Cards for sale.....


 List of cards for sale.

The prices of all cards vary according to the amount of materials and work put into them. Payments accepted are bank deposit and paypal. With each card there is a postage and handling amount that will be added. The flat rate of $3 will cover postage and packaging. You will only pay $3, even if you order many cards.
If you want the cards to have a different colour selection, or different wording, make sure to let me know and I"ll customize it for you.
Please email your order and payment preference to :
                                                    Wings of a butterfly card - $6.50 + p&h

                                            Just for you card - $6.50 + p&H

                                                 Window Flowerbox Card - $6.50 +P&H

                                                Fairy Moon Card - $5.50 + P&H

                                                      Cute Cat Card - $4 +P&H

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